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Choose your plan, fill out the order form, use the notes section for any colors, templates, etc and we will start your site! When we send you your draft website, we will send you an invoice for the balance due.

Our typical turn around time is typically 5 business days after we have your information.


Please read FAQ’s below prior to placing an order.



  • Buttons for Seller, Buyer Guides & Home Value

  • SEO (enhance each page for search engine optimization)

  • Organize your menu bar, add all available pages.

  • Adding Zillow and/or Manual Testimonials



Terms of Service: Up to 2 revisions will be available after website completion. Any graphics you send for use on website are owned by you and you have the rights to use. Any updates booj does after completion that requires site modifications are subject to a re-work charge. We are not affiliated nor employed with RE/MAX, LLC nor booj. You have read the FAQ's on our website regarding website builds. We have permission to use your website as an example and part of our portfolio. We will send an invoice once we have completed your site and send for review, payment is due upon receipt and before any revisions / training.

How do I pay for my website? Once we complete your site we will invoice you for the balance of the website. We do expect full payment when we send our first draft. We accept all CC’s or check. Other Payment methods: venmo, zelle & paypal email:

Invoices open for more than 30 days are subject to a late fee of $50.

How do I do make changes / updates after your draft? Once we complete your site we will email you with the website for review based on your form submission. There will be a link to review & go over your website which we encourage you to take advantage of. You can email changes or use the zoom link and we can do them together. I will keep artwork for 30 days after billing. After this, any updates to your site are subject to a charge based on time needed to complete.


Do you work for booj or RE/MAX? No, I am Tech & Marketing Coach for RE/MAX Elite in FL working remotely in East TN. I also help a couple other RE/MAX Brokerages. With Covid, my travel drastically decreased leaving me some extra time to help others build their booj sites (and honestly, it is fun for me). My techie son & daughter also helps me with building of the booj websites.  You can read more about me here.

Is booj is the right site for me? Do you currently have another website? Here is our short list of pros & cons to see if booj is the right fit for you. Just like CRM’s, websites are NOT a one size fits all.

PROS: Can’t beat the price – FREE! Your booj website has full IDX, the ability to customize, add local pages, SEO and more! You won’t be able to find a site with all of these features for less than $150/mo! booj is ideal for the Agent / Team / Brokerage who wants a customized website set up to put on their business cards, and have local resources for buyers, sellers and past clients.

CONS: If you are in need of a comprehensive website with quick load times, using your site for extensive online lead generation, or looking to blog, booj may not be the perfect fit for you. Have another website? My first question is are you getting a positive return from your current website and how much time do you spend on your site updating it with content? Enhancements are constantly being done and we can add or vote up ideas at

Domain DNS: Our services do NOT including setting up your Domain DNS. Godaddy and other sites requires two factor authorization which makes it hard for a third party to log into your account. Good news is this only takes a couple minutes to set up and you can reach out to customer support with your domain company if you have any issues! Here is a step by step with screenshots of the process to set it up. We highly recommend doing this PRIOR to your site being done so your links display your domain vs the default domain UNLESS you are using this domain for another website currently.

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel: Once we have completed your site, you will want to add in your Facebook Pixel and most importantly your Google Analytics Code. Click Here for more information!

Can I use my own photos? Yes, absolutely! You have the option in the order form to use your own photos throughout your website! For best results, use high resolution landscape photos and label the photos so we add to the correct city / pages. Also make sure you own the rights to use the photos! NEVER download an image you find in a search online! Here is a blog we did with free stock photos! We also offer free stock photos from as well (number of photos depends on your site plan).

What searches can we do on the hyper local pages? Each custom page / search can only include one city or zip code. We can sort multiple ways but cannot include multiple cities or areas at this time. If you are looking for a specific neighborhood or subdivision, please go to to make sure it is a searchable area with multiple listings for sale (for best results).


What if I need more Content Pages? If you are looking for more pages, please add $100 for each additional page. Special content provided on pages must be in a format for us to copy / paste. If you are are looking to do 20+ our prices will go down to $50 per page depending on detail and complexity. (The more pages = More SEO)!

Are there additional ongoing fees? This is a ONE time fee. The pricing is for designing your website and does not include ongoing updates but we are always here if you have questions! If updates and enhancements become available, you will only need to pay the difference for adding on these elements! Any updates booj does after completion that requires site modifications are subject to a re-work charge. We are not affiliated with RE/MAX, LLC nor booj.

Can you manage and update our website? We are in the process of working on a web management plan which will include monthly updates, blog pages and other add-ons, enhancements as booj releases new features. This will be available first for those that have had their sites built with us. We should have these plans available by Q1 2022. We are also working on Ala – Cart items for helping you with your site.

Image Sizes: Here is a great guide from RE/MAX Tech Team on sizes for all of the CMS blocks!

booj site tips for graphics on the website – Click Here