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Brokers & Agents - Scroll Down for onboardig Class Ideas & Agent Action Steps as well as the official RE/MAX Onboarding Checklists.

Get an early look at rollout and onboarding of MAX/Tech powered by kvCORE for RE/MAX agents. Follow along as we demo the powerful tools within the platform and how you may be able to utilize this platform within your business.

Included in this video is an overview of:

  • Websites

  • Property Search

  • Lead Generation + Conversion Opportunities

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Customizable Smart Campaigns

  • And more!


Get more information regarding
MAX/Tech Powered by kvCORE

Website Customizations &
Lead Gen Building!

While You Wait to Gain Access
Access the resources to learn more about MAX/Tech powered by kvCORE and what you can do to prepare for launch!

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post launch.jpg

Your Ready to Launch!!
Some Action Steps for Agents & Brokerages to get agents onboarded! 


MAXTech - Agent Onboarding Action Steps.png



Brokers: If you are unsure where you are in the MAX/Tech onboarding, check out the main MAX/Tech info page and click on the unsure. They have a full excel spreadsheet of all Brokerages that will give you your Phase & Dates! TIP: To easily find yourself, use the search feature and type the Owners name.


Your booj contacts will automatically be imported!  You can go into your booj CRM to add information, tags, bday, etc or use the template below!


Import Templates (Recommended)

Please Note: There is a max file size of 2MB. The file must contain a header row.

kvCORE Lead Import Template - USA Format

Please Note: Imported Leads CANNOT have automated Campaigns and/or Search Alerts assigned to leads using the import hashtag (i.e."import1234567") or the Souce "Lead Import". Imported Leads CAN have automated Campaigns and/or Search Alerts assigned to leads with a unique Hashtag, Status, Type, etc.


Some Other Tips:

Import Overview (1 min.)

Supported Import Fields (4 min.)

How to Send a Welcome Email After Importing Your Contacts (3 min.)

🎥US Lead Import File - Video (8 min.)

🎥Do It Yourself - Video (3 min.)

🎥Let kvCORE Handle It - Video (3 min.)


Check out the many Tutorials kvCORE has available with some tips on making your import smooth! Click Here

Tips & Tutorials