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5 Things to today with your booj website!

You have a booj website... but you don't even know where to start? Here are 5 things to do today to get you started! From Beginner to Advanced, we have you covered!

1 . Publish your site - Use localized graphics in headers to showcase your area and set up Google Analytics!

2. Organize pages available on your website in your Nav Bar. Go in and edit these pages to match your marketing / area / business so it isn't the generic information. (Pages available that are not live - Marketing, Relocation, Inspections & Title & Mortgage Considerations). Simply drag and drop over to your active Navigation bar!

3. Add SEO to ALL pages on your website! Hit on your name, RE/MAX, real estate and local cities, area keywords.

4. Add custom pages - Start from the top and work your way down.

County - City - Subdivisions (Where the magic of SEO happens). Add links such as County, City, School, Chamber, Things to do, tourism videos and more! This makes your website a HUB of information! Always remember you aren't just selling a house, you are selling a way of life! What can you add that Google won't tell you? Your favorite places to go out, your favorite things to do with your family or date nights, shopping, etc. It doesn't have to be perfect... add the pages and build on them over time! Schedule 30 minutes a week to add content to your site! While you are out showing property or with your family, take photos and short videos that you can use for your website!

5. Use the pages you build as landing pages to drive traffic! Share, share, share to social! Run a small Google PPC campaign... make sure you are advertising your website everywhere to help drive traffic! By adding additional pages, your website becomes an area resource vs just somewhere someone does a search. Give them a reason to bookmark it! Plus by taking the time to add this information, you will be able to easily direct people to your site for information & value! This helps you work smarter, not harder!

Misc Tips -

*I always recommend getting your own vanity domain! Keeps everything branded across the board and allows you to have full control. Set up DNS!

*Create custom graphics for each landing page for sharing to social... Examples;

Check out the HOT new listings in XX (County, City, Subdivision) What can you get for under $XX in XXCity

Bonus - Put QR codes for landing pages for your postcards or snail mail - if sending to a specific city or subdivision, have QR code leading people to THAT landing page! I love remax url for shortening / tracking those urls and making QR codes with that for double tracking ability! Check out our post with examples!

*Have another website? Add graphics / links leading people to your actual website. There is no denying the power of the RE/MAX websites in a search so use it to your advantage!

*Have a passion for an organization or non profit? Add it to your website! This will help you attract like minded people!

* Have a list of Preferred Vendors? Add to the pages or create a page with their information!

* Use your YouTube videos to showcase your area - or go to the RE/MAX YouTube and find some videos to add to your website! (They have awesome Seller Videos from their Own it! and Fit To Sell Campaign)! - Go create your own custom RE/MAX Commercials from and upload to your YouTube channel and add to the pages on your website! Seller Video Page Idea - All RE/MAX Videos

* Set up Google Analytics & Facebook Chat box wigit!

More resources, graphic packs, tutorials or website plans

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