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Add content to Area Pages in MAXTECH Powered by kvCORE!

On our old booj websites we were able to create completely custom pages for each area or subdivision so I was trying to figure out a work around to help the 400 RE/MAX Associates that I helped with customizing their booj sites and how are we going to add all of this content over to the new MAXTECH Powered by kvCORE Platform?

3 Easy Steps!

1. Create your Areas / SEO Links inside your website content area (these appear at the bottom of your website)

2. Create a Blog - then copy and paste your content from your other website along with any graphics or videos. Click on the <> symbol to take you into the html and then copy everything for that page. (You don't need to save this blog, we just need the html)

3. Go back to the Areas / SEO and paste that html into the block that says enter plain text or html. This will add your content above the default content for that area! Viola!

Take it to the next level and use ChatGPT for content, local attractions nd more!

Watch me do it in this video tutorial!


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