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Add Facebook Chatbox to your website!

Yippee! Have conversations in real time when you install the Facebook Messenger chat box to your booj website!


  1. Connect to Websites through MAX Center

  2. Access Settings from the headshot/logo on the top right

  3. Under the Settings Pages Menu, select System

  4. Select Third Party Scripts, then Facebook Chat

  5. Add Facebook Page ID, Click Activate

  6. Follow the steps on the next screen which will walk the user through the path of setting up the Chat widget in your Facebook Business Page.

Go to your "About" Section on your Facebook Business Page (this will not work for a personal account). If not on the top header, click "More" to find it.

Scroll all the way down the About Section to find your Page ID #.

Go to your "Inbox", click on Chat Plug In.

Add your booj website! Don't forget to add your booj website url!

Customize the look & feel of your button! - CLICK PUBLISH!

Make sure to add your Page ID inside of booj website settings (for the account you are adding this too (Agent, Team or Office site) - Click Activate!

Refresh your website and viola! Happy Chatting!



Notes / Tips:

This does not work for a personal Facebook Account, only Business Pages have access to this feature.

Only Page Admins (not Editors) have access to turn this feature on for your page.

Install the mobile Facebook Messenger App or FB Business Suite App for notifications!


Custom RE/MAX Color Codes:

PRIMARY: Red #DC1C2E Blue #003DAS

secondary: Dark Red: #82282E Dark Blue: #1A3668 Medium Blue: #007DC3

Note that the chat bubble will first appear in the footer which is dark blue so we recommend using a red or medium blue so it stands out! :-)

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