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Add the "Home Value" Box to your booj website!

We can now add a new "Home Valuation" block to any page on our booj website!!

It is super easy to add! Go into your website dashboard, go to the page you want to edit, add block and click on the Home Valuation block! Reposition to where you want it placed on the page and you are good to go!

Here is a quick video of me adding it to my Home Page as well as the Sellers Guide Page!

Does this give me a Seller lead?

YES! You will receive a lead notification when someone enters their address.

For Source / Action You will see: Automated Valuation Model

Consumers want this accessibility to get a home value so RE/MAX provides this feature and displays multiple sources of the AVM's and in BOLD, lets them know these systems can not replace an agent to truly give a price and this page will give the consumer several places to reach out for a more accurate assessment for them.

The idea is to show how incorrect a computer is and why they need an agent. Consumers are receiving the AVM's as well as Comparable Listings and hopefully soon, a Market Report they can sign up for which should prompt a lead to you!

Of course most agents would LOVE to at least get the address that is being entered like many other websites provide so we recommend going into the Idea Portal and adding this suggestion! After all, our suggestions and wish list items are what the developers are constantly working on to make it a beautiful system for us!!

RE/MAX Idea Portal

Have an idea for a product improvement?

Use the Idea Portal to share a new suggestion or improvements to existing features. Every new idea is discussed and evaluated by the team responsible for making them happen. Your suggestions directly influence the way our products evolve – thank you for participating and we can’t wait to see what you have in mind! CLICK HERE!

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