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My Top Questions on booj websites

#1 – My photo, phone # are not correct in my Bio

When we are designing your website, we are logging directly into your booj portal and not going in thru maxcntr. We do not go thru your Account information as this is not part of the booj website process. Your Bio on your booj site is pulling directly from your maxcntr profile. To update this information, log into, click apps and select the Blue “My Account” Tile, then click “Edit my Profile”. The phone number that displays on the top dropdown is your “Direct” Number so make sure you have that option filled out. While you are in there, make sure your Bio is updated, add your website and social links and your most updated HI RES photo!! Make sure your social accounts are listed as well as your “Agent Website – Click Make Primary” so this appears on your main agent profile as well.

#2 – Who is Joe?

If you google yourself + RE/MAX, your profile will display. Most of the time you will see testimonies on this profile. These are pulling over from the manual testimonies on your published booj site. Some sites had some default Testimonies from an agent named “Joe” – it seems an actual agent had their user name set up as remax so these pulled over by default. You can easily go to your booj website dashboard and use the dropdown to get to your manual testimonies and delete those testimonies (better yet, copy and paste a few in this area so you have reviews that pop up on your profile!

#3 – How do I get my custom mobile app?

The mobile app link is in your menu bar on your booj website. Just add /mobile-apps at the end of your url. Make sure to link to your email signature and I would add a QR code to your business card to download your mobile app and maybe listing flyers, mailers, etc! There are many free QR code generators, I use and pay for it so I can customize the look, color & add logos.

#4 – How do I connect my own domain?

You have your OWN domain – GREAT! We ALWAYS recommend everyone having your on domain that you have full control over! When your website needs change, you are able to have FULL control over where this gets pointed and believe me, from a marketing stand point, you want to have a domain that you won’t have to change on all of your marketing every time something changes! We article with step by step instructions for those of you who have their domain with godaddy! Read the article here!

Watch RE/MAX Tech Video on your domian manager here

# 5 – How hard is it to rearrange my homepage?

Rearranging “blocks” on any page is as easy as dragging and dropping! Looking to have your Bio above everything? No problem! To edit, go to the page, then you will see the “blocks” on far left and the preview on the right side. Drag and drop the blocks and watch the preview change! TIP: Once you make this change, it may take 30 minutes for you to see it on your LIVE site!

#6 – How can I edit pages on my website?

#7 – Why isn’t my facebook feed showing up on the social block?

  1. Go to the Social Block and make sure the full url’s are in the links

  2. Make sure you are connecting a business page, personal feeds will not work.

  3. Make sure you do not have visibility restrictions on in your business page. Go to settings, make sure you do not have restrictions for Countries or age.

#8 – Do we have Lead Capture or Forced Registration?

Yes! The default settings is “relaxed” meaning people can use your site to casually search and look at properties without logging in, however, you can set up your site for forced registration after X amount of listings viewed to capture leads! Go to you booj tile from, click on the website dropdown and go to settings. Choose “restricted” and select how many listings someone can view before they are required to set up an account which will send you the lead’s information!

TIP: Make sure if you set up forced registration you have a follow up plan in place for maximum conversion results!

#9 – I don’t have many listings, how do I display more listings on the “featured listing block”?

The featured listing block is the block that will display YOUR listings! This block will display 6 listings and with inventory being so low, you may not have 6 listings to display. Good news is we can display the office, team or brand listings to fill in those other spots so it will never be blank! You also have options on displaying by “newest, highest price, etc”!

Go to your booj dashboard and click on the Website dropdown and choose Settings!

#10 – What is SEO & How do I add to my site?

Each page in booj allows you to go into “Page Details” to edit this information. Go ahead and do a search in Google for an area, scroll down the results until you see the non Paid results. These are organic results meaning this website did not have to pay in order to show up in a search.

You have the option in each page of booj to add this information. Tip: I use a google doc to add what I want for each page and will replace the keywords (community, city, etc). This makes it much easier as you are building pages.

Page Title Tag – The top Blue Linked Title in the search result

Meta Description Tag – Description displays in the google search under the website):

Example for pages with Searches:


Moving to City, St? View all homes for Sale, Condos for Sale, real estate, local area resources, things to do in City, State Full Name, Phone #, RE/MAX


View All MLS listings in X, large photos, market reports, home values & more. Most Accurate Data. 1000s of Listings. Daily Listing Updates & Alerts.

Check out this beginner’s Guide to Keywords & SEO.


Tavia and Heather use the booj platform daily and typically get the same questions repeatedly so in this class we will each go over our top questions along with answers!

If all else fails, contact Support

Call/txt 888.398.7171, Visit the support site, or email

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