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Change vanity domain to kvCORE

A popular hot topic I am hearing from agents is that their domain is still going to their booj site and not moving over to their new kvCORE website. OR now that booj has sunsetted, your domain isn't going anywhere!

Blog revised now that booj has fully sunset and Independent Regions with REengage are onboarding over to kvCORE.

You have Two Options;

  1. Forward domain to your kvCORE subdomain (FREE)

  2. Go into kvCORE marketplace and they will fully set up your domain for your website (preferred choice if you are promoting your website a lot). There is a cost of $11/mo to have this set up.

For booj, you most likely set up the DNS to go to booj so in order for your "forward to kvCORE" site to work, we must remove these records from your DNS inside your registar (GoDaddy, etc).

If you are coming from leadstreet you most likely have your domain nameservers set up.

NOTE: YOU must REMOVE previous website settings prior to setting up the forward to your kvCORE subdomain.

To Forward Your Domain


Login to your Registar (we are using godaddy as our example).

Find your domain and go down to DNS settings

If moving from booj

Remove the booj DNS Settings, A record & CNAME (for A record, it will be one of the two IP address you see here)

If you are coming over from REengage, you most likely have nameservers that need to be reset to the default settings.

Find those TWO records and remove them! Once you are done, refresh your screen so we can now set up your your forwarding!

Once refreshed, scroll down more on this page until you get to Forwarding. Use the dropdown to select https and then paste your url (no www) - then save.

If you had your DNS set up, it could take a couple hours to see the changes (especially on your computer because of cookies / cache).

What about forward with masking? I personally use links from pages on my website for social sharing. If you forward with masking, every page on your website will be the same so it doesn't allow you to grab the actual page links, so for me, that wouldn't work.

Once you set up your forwarding and remove the settings that were pointing to your booj or Reliance (or any other website), give it 24-48 hours and you should be all set! If you are still seeing the page go to a blank page, it is most likely because of your cookies / cache so you should always check incognito mode if possible or clear your cache/cookies.



To have your domain fully set up, go into kvCORE Marketplace, then go to Vanity Domain and fill out the form giving permission for IDX and the kvCORE team will set everything up for you. Note there is a monthly fee of $11 per month.

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