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Create Your Call to Action Bio Link in Instagram!

Right now Instagram only gives you ONE link for your Bio and we can not add "clickable" links inside our posts so we need to get the most out of our one link in our Bio.

Using or Canva, we can easily create a nice mobile friendly design to have multiple call to action items you can use with your posts.

We used the paid version of LinkTree for Years! It was a small $6 monthly fee and we were ok with this because of the additional design elements we could use vs the FREE version. Then we designed to see if we could create this same piece within Canva and they have a ton of great templates ready for you to make into your own masterpiece! Click Here for Canva Templates

What links should you add?

  • Make sure your branding is on this design (logo, name, phone, website)

  • Add and link all of your other social accounts

  • Call-to-action items should also be listed - in posts teasing about a blog or short video teaser post about a longer video - in the description you can say view full blog or video by clicking the link in Bio (Share this post as a story and add the actual link as well using the link element option)

  • Do you send out a Newsletter? Make sure you have a link to build your database! Most email platforms allow you to create a sign up list!

  • Do you have Buyer / Seller / Staging / New Homeowner Checklist Guides? Add links to these (better yet, set up a landing page to collect name and e-mail addresses to get these).

Once you create your design, I recommend creating a short url, create a QR code you can use on anything too! These are great because they will also give you stats for clicks or scans!

Have fun creating our design, we hope these ideas have given you some great ideas!


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