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How to Create custom searches in booj

Looking to add a custom search on your Home Page or on a custom page? The sky is the limit now that we have the ability to create custom searches on your booj website!

You have multiple ways to set up a search! Maybe you want NEW listings to display, super easy – sort by newest first! Maybe you want to display by Price? No problem! When I build Hyper local pages, I create multiple searches for the same city on one page to display as many listings as possible and giving the consumer what they want to see!

If you add a city, subdivision, zip, etc in the location block you will have the option to “View on Map”, I highly recommend using this as it will take the consumer to a map search with this search!

TIPS: I uncheck the “Pending listings, as well as properties I do NOT want shows (rentals, mobile home, etc). You can also limit the price range so if you do not want properties under a price range, just add a number to the minimum price range!

Let the fun begin!!!!

Here is a quick tutorial for those that are visual learners!

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