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Updating your DNS for booj websites

Updating your DNS for booj websites

Your booj website comes packed with valuable content you can use to help promote your brand and business. By adding your own domain you can further secure your personal brand and ensure your website meets the needs of your unique business. This video will show you how to add your own domain to your agent, office or team website.

TIP: If you currently have your domain forwarded or have other nameservers, you will need to clear this data out and wait a few minutes before updating. Worst case, contact support where you have your domain and let then know you need to update your DNS settings for your domain and most will have you set up in a jiffy!!!

You have your OWN domain – GREAT! We ALWAYS recommend everyone having your on domain that you have full control over! When your website needs change, you are able to have FULL control over where this gets pointed and believe me, from a marketing stand point, you want to have a domain that you won’t have to change on all of your marketing every time something changes!


For your booj sites – Log into your booj dashboard and hover over website-go down to manage domains.

Log into the dashboard of where you purchased your domain. (Our example is thru godaddy). Once there click on your domain and chose to manage DNS.

Google Workspace Domain Instructions - Click Here

GoDaddy Instructions:

Edit your CNAME to

Edit add the A record to update the number. We always use

Click Add in booj and save in your DNS dashboard and give yourself a couple minutes!!!

Give this process a few minutes and you are good to go! Don’t forget if you have set up any links to your website to update those links!

Watch Quick RU Video for connecting your personal domain!

Watch FULL length RU Tutorial Here!

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