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Upload your Contacts into booj CRM

Let's get your contacts uploaded into your booj CRM! Create a spreadsheet (or use the template straight from booj to ensure your columns match (although the booj CRM does allow you to match fields very easily).

import_sample (2)
Download CSV • 1KB
  1. Log into MAX/center -

  2. Click on Apps & Tools - Click on Manage Contacts & Leads

  3. On right side, click Add/Import+ to import from several options.

  4. Set up Auto Email Contact import from Gmail / Microsoft

Now you have your contacts set up! Learn how to easily send / schedule your Monthly Newsletter or Holiday email to your contacts! Click Here!

We highly recommend using the First app available to you for 60 days / FREE to help you pull in your contacts and organize your database then exporting from there to upload into your booj CRM! Not sure what the First app is? Get the scoop here!

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