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Using the Listing Playbook & url shortner for promoting your Listings!

I often get asked how to use kvCORE to promote listings.

I absolutely LOVE the listing playbook links for tracking BUT I really love the url shortner (or so why not tie them together for additional tracking, grab a QR code and have a custom url for each listing!

1. Go to your playbook, chose your listing, then go down to digital promotion.

2. Grab the squeeze page link and create your custom link inside the url shortner! I customize the link using the MLS #.

Don't forget to use all of the steps available to promote your listing! You can also go over to the Playbook Results to see all the leads / contacts, etc by using this feature!

Now use this custom link for all of your promotional material, postcards, fliers and social! Don't forget to check out all of the stats you can get!!

Watch this quick video and watch me do this!

You're welcome! ;-)


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