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Social & Digital Media Services

Full Digital & Online Presence!

Showcase your culture, give value and start those conversations!

No one can replace you and your ability to make connections thru personal posts but we understand sometimes you just need to delegate and find someone to add to your Marketing Team for your real estate business.

All roads lead to your website!  Our goal is to drive traffic to your website.  We are not just posting fluff content that goes to another website, we are trying to generate leads and business back to you but also engage with sharing local events from other pages and comment, engage with those other pages for the highest visibility for you.  This is why we are more of your Digital Media Specialist, because we are creating content for your social but also managing your website by adding content over there to use for sharing to social!  Whether it be videos, Reels, Stories, etc. 

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  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


Agents - Looking for MAXTECH Marketing (weekly blogs, monthly newsletters & Holiday e-mails)?

Engage & Impress with our Agents Services - Click Here for details!

All the Tools To Do It Yourself

Social Marketing Clubs

Founding Members will help with feedback and additional wish list items!


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