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Memberships  &  More

Become a Founding Member!  35% Off until May 31st!  

Founding Members will help with feedback and additional wish list items!


Once you register for a course, you will receive your login credentials from


To cancel a subscription, email us 

or use the chat button below to send us a message!


Due to the amount of content we are providing in all of our membership courses, we do not offer a refund but you

can cancel anytime by contacting us!  Please contact us at least 2 business days prior to your billing date (if applicable).

Ala Cart Items

Don't need the Content Calendar and Monthly specific graphics?  Check out our Ala Cart Items & Social Graphics we have available for download.  These are a one time fee for the Canva Pro Template links vs our Social Club which is organized by each month.

(These items are already included in our Monthly Social Memberships)

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Canva Club - Beyond the Basics (2).png

Let's Go Beyond the Basics to start designing inside Canva!  

Video tutorials to help you set up your brand kit and getting organized to helping you

start creating your own template masterpieces!

Check out our Ala Cart Canva Template Graphics.  

Once you purchase, it will direct you to the Drive Link to grab your assets so be sure to copy or download graphics and Click on the Canva Template Link to add graphics into your account!

Buyer, Seller & Staging Books!

e-Guides (1).png

These are perfect for adding to your website as Landing Pages!

Use the Canva Pro Template to change colors & add your own branding!
Seller, Buyer & Home Staging Guides!


100 Weekly Real Estate Tips


40 DIY Tips,  20 Real Estate Tips and 40 Home Maintenance Tips!  

Perfect for social posts, newsletters & blogs!

Plenty of room to add your Branding!



100 Faceless Motivational Reels


100+ Faceless Motivational Reels!

Plenty of room to add your Branding!



100+ Motivational - Inspirational Quotes
Canva Template Link $24.99


150+ Motivational - Inspirational Quotes
Canva Template Link $24.99

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