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We're a collective that values authenticity & embraces creativity.

YCH is committed to helping you redefine your real estate marketing.

Unlock Your Creative Hustle: Discover Your DISC Profile & Thrive in Real Estate

Unlock Your Creative Hustle: Discover Your DISC Profile & Thrive in Real Estate

Join us for a dynamic session! We're thrilled to welcome Mark LaPlume from DISC Plus, a leading DISC profile assessment company, for a deep dive into how understanding DISC profiles can supercharge your real estate business. Here is the link to get your free assessment! This 1-hour virtual session will equip you with: An understanding of DISC profile: Gain valuable insights into your strengths, communication style, and ideal working environment based on the DISC model. Understanding your clients: Learn how to identify client DISC profiles and tailor your approach to best serve their needs and preferences. Building stronger relationships: Discover effective communication strategies for different personality types, leading to better collaboration and increased trust. Boosting your negotiation skills: Leverage DISC knowledge to anticipate client objections and close deals more effectively. Creating a winning team: Understand how to build high-performing teams by recognizing and appreciating the diverse strengths of your colleagues. This session is perfect for you if you are: A real estate agent or broker looking to enhance your client interactions and close more deals. A team leader seeking to build a more cohesive and productive team environment. Anyone in the creative hustle who wants to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others to achieve their goals.
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