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MAXimize Your MAXTECH Marketing:
Custom Blogs, Newsletters, and Holiday Emails

Engage & Impress with our Agents Services 
$300 set-up + $250/mo

* Weekly Blog added to website (Branded Local Market Snapshot Graphic - RE/MAX National Housing Report Video & Graphics - Things to do in X Area for the Month - Generic Real Estate Blog from Keeping Current Matters).  
* Monthly Newsletter (includes local events & things to do for the month in X area, home maintenance tips, monthly blogs, featured listings, etc) 
* 12 Branded Holiday Emails sent to your Contacts (US Major Holidays)

How does it work?  Fill out the order form with your branding, website, login credentials, etc.  We will send your invoice with the one time set up and first monthly invoice.  Once we receive payment we will get started on your design set up templates for review!  Once approved, we will get started with the upcoming Monthly Newsletter & Holidays!  Each month, you will need to send us your local market snapshot (usually provided by your board) or if this is a public link we can check monthly for this data.  

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