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Get More Reviews!

Looking for REVIEWS for more than one platform? Most platforms require someone to register and do a review on their own platform. (At least the giant sites where the reviews matter the most). The problem with putting all your eggs into one basket is what would happen if that site went down, or removed your reviews?

With Zillow being it’s own brokerage and not relying on us to feed their website, what would happen if they decided to remove the reviews you have spent years building? Some top Coaches think this WILL be happening! Check out Tom Ferry’s recent live about this on Instagram!

Reviews on all platforms are equally important so here is a tip! Offer a $10 starbucks card (can get online one that they show at checkout from their phone or print) for them to use or giveaway for their time in doing the reviews.

Example email:

“[Name], thank you so much for choosing me as your real estate agent! I enjoyed working with you and hope you are beyond happy with the transaction. I’d like to ask you a favor:

Will you take a few minutes and write a review of your experience with me? If you remember when we first started this process, I promised I would earn your five-star review. I hope I’ve fulfilled that, but most importantly, I want your open and honest feedback so that other consumers who read your review will know what it’s like to work with me. I am including a couple links below for reviews, and for your time, I will send you a gift card for a free cup of coffee on me from Starbucks! Feel free to use for yourself or forward the email you receive from Starbucks along to someone!

If you have focused on reviews on Zillow only, maybe now is a perfect time to reach out to all of your past clients and let them know Zillow has changed their business model and all of your reviews will be going away… with our industry being review based (like most industries).. It would mean the world to me if you could take the time to share your experience with me on one (or all) of these platforms…


Thank you….. (enter something personal from the relationship)

(Hyper link these to the review page for these platforms)

(TIP: When setting up your Business – Do NOT claim another company as where you work)! If you see your office, google with ask you if this is where you work, click NO, you need to start your own Business separate from another business).

Review me on Facebook (Set up for reviews on Facebook)

Review me on Zillow

Review on LinkedIn

Review me on

If you use gmail, you can set up this email with the links as a canned email so it is easy to send off to your client when you need to! Make sure you add in that personal touch or a nice memory from the experience to ad that personal touch! (Steps to create canned response in gmail)

Do matter what, always copy & paste these reviews somewhere that is in YOUR control so you don’t lose your reviews.


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