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5 Ways to Attract New Listings

Inventory is only low when you don't have listings so let's dive right into some ideas to get you some listings, starting today!

1. PREPARE CMA'S FOR BUYER'S YOU SOLD A HOME TO PRIOR TO 2021. According to 2021 NAR stats, the average homeowner gained $56,700 in equity over the past year. Go ahead and prepare a quick CMA for every buyer you helped in 2021 and congratulate them! While you are at it, why not do this for the clients you enjoyed working with from the past 5 years? Sending 5-10 genuine letters with quick CMA's letting them know how much equity they have will surely gain some momentum! Here is the start of the letter - Congratulations! Since you purchased your home, the value has increased $X. That is a X% return on your investment! Let them know you are including a quick Price Analysis but if they are looking for a more in depth analysis to include any improvements they have made, to give you a call!

2. SEND POSTCARDS TO OUT OF STATS HOMEOWNERS. Go thru the areas you "farm", look for out of state owners and prepare quick CMA's for them as well!

3. SEND POSTCARDS TO YOUR BUYER'S AREA OF INTERESTS. Have you lost out lately in a multi offer situation? Send out postcards to the neighborhood letting them know you have pre approved buyers who are ready to purchase a home in their neighborhood. Possibly provide some stats for homes that have sold recently and to give you a call for a more in-depth price analysis.

4. SEND LETTERS - EMAILS - TEXT OR CALL TO EVERYONE IN YOUR DATABASE! Reach out to everyone in your database to see if they are curious about the real estate market or if they are considering selling in this HOT market!

5. AGENT REFERRALS - Make sure you have a database of agents around the world! Reach out and remind them of where you are and start making referral partners! Social groups and events are a fantastic way to create relationships with agents!


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