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9 Must-Do’s for reaching a higher level

If you’re ready to take your business higher, follow these great tips:

  • Hire support staff. You can’t do it all, so delegate.

  • Build a strong team. Trust and loyalty is essential to any business.

  • Keep current. Understand what new technology is out there and make a decision if you want to try it out.

  • Promote yourself.

  • Strive to make a great first impression with everyone.

  • Put yourself in your client’s shoes. This is an emotional time in their lives, especially if they are selling a home full of memories.

  • Maximize a property's appeal. Explain to your clients why you are asking them to pick up the rugs or turn on all the lights for a showing.

  • Know when to let go and move on. If a relationship isn’t working out, it’s alright to move on.

  • Show your appreciation. This can’t be said enough – send thank you cards, birthday cards, a card for the anniversary of closings. These are key to continuously building those relationships.


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