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Create a Home Valuation ad in Megaphone

Using Your Home Valuation Tool to help find Leads

It’s on the mind of just about every homeowner, even if they don’t realize it: how much is my home worth? The value of one’s home – often any homeowner’s largest personal investment – is a valuable data point not just for potential sellers, but for you as well.

That’s the power of a home valuation tool – just like the one that comes standard on your templated website. You can establish connections with valuable prospects just by driving customers to this page on your published website with an ad campaign.

How to Place a Home Valuation Ad

Before you can place a home valuation ad, make sure your website is published. Once your site is live you can start directing traffic to it from Megaphone!

Elevate your Campaigns with Custom Home Valuation Pages

If you're interested in customizing the Home Valuation experience, you now have options. You can either use the standard page on your website, or get creative and use the Home Valuation content block.


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