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Does Your Content Pop?

Sharing educational content like market data with your sphere of influence will have you a step ahead of your competition – especially in this market. So here are a few tricks to get your educational content to stand out on your social channels.

Short and sweet wins - When sharing market data, keep it simple. Unpack a few relevant data points into easily digestible chunks for your followers to take in.

Creativity will catch viewers - How you deliver your data is key. Create good-looking, engaging posts to capture your audience's eye. Use interesting infographics that highlight key points. Another great way to deliver critical information is through video. Create a personal video that explains the information interestingly and engagingly.

Create Conversations -You should know that your social strategy shouldn't be a set it and forget it thing. If your sphere of influence engages with your content, start a conversation with them. If they ask questions about the data in your post, answer. Don't leave them hanging. Engaging shows that you're genuine and trustworthy. These types of conversations build relationships and potentially a larger client roster.

Try out these tips with your upcoming content and strategy!


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