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Get your groove back and finish the year strong!

It has been an interesting couple of years, we have endured unusual times for sure. Most have been so busy that they have sacrificed themselves, their family and have not had a great balance in their life but that was so easy to do. Here are a few tips to help you get your groove back and finish the year strong!

Take a moment and look through your Business Planning from last year - Yes, really look through it. What goals did you set for yourself? What new tools did you think you were going to add to your business or the pillars to your business... we know it has been a little crazy out there but as we head into Qtr 4, this review may help you get back into the right mindset.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What worked?

  • What didn’t?

  • What did I neglect that I shouldn’t have?

  • What needs more of my attention?

  • What new resources do I need?

  • What new people do I need?

  • What new routines do I need?

What is your Why? As we may need to actually start marketing again, remind yourself of your "Why"

  • Who is your favorite "niche" to work with? (first time buyers, empty nesters, etc)

  • Why do you love being in real estate? (Flexible schedule ;-) )

Are you prepared for the shifting market?

Do you have balance in your life? Use this shift to be ok with having a long weekend for yourself, your family... to disconnect. Find an agent at your office that can cover you and visa versa!

Watch Kerry & I discuss this topic for more tips!


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