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Hold Yourself Accountable

One thing we really emphasize on during our business planning is keeping a schedule and time blocking. When the market gets crazy (like now), those who have set up a schedule for prospecting, business and themselves can truly keep their balance and prosper during the crazy real estate market. We know it is easier said than done sometimes.

When you stop doing what you need to do (time for prospecting and focusing on your SOI), business typically will dry up and will start to look more like a roller coaster vs a steady incline. This roller coaster can not only be stressful but will take that life balance and turn it upside down having you chasing for the next deal after a few closings!

How do you stop this from happening? Simple. Accountability.

You need to make sure you are holding yourself accountable to do the things you know you need to be doing in your business daily to achieve your goals. Whether you have a co-worker, manager, spouse, etc, someone that you report to and can celebrate your successes with or will put you back on track. Having a monthly business plan and vision board can really help with this as well. It is your constant reminder of your "why" and things you need to get done.

Here are some tips to help:

  • Business Partner, another agent, spouse, etc to help.

  • Using a CRM to track your SOI, etc

  • Deal Tracker to help you stay organized with your deals, maybe even a transaction coordinator to free up your time.

  • Vision Board displayed somewhere you see daily

  • Business Plan with monthly tasks to achieve.


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