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Listing Checklist!

Have a new listing? You know you need to get the marketing done but you aren’t sure where to start or exactly what to do? Check out these Tips!


  • Flyer Completed

  • Postcard Completed

  • Enhancement

  • Enhancement

  • Zillow Walk-Thru Video Completed

  • Video on YouTube, Include details & link to your website for full details.

  • Adwerx Enhancement (Update photo & Link to your property page)

  • Wk 1 Social Announcement – Photos w/ link for details Going to property on your website

  • Including IG highlighted Story / Reel / TikTok

  • Wk 2 – Upload Video to Social

  • Wk 3 – Collage Social Flyer to Social

  • Wk 4 – Link to Property website on Social


  • Sold Client post to Social

  • Sold Highlighted Story / Reel / TikTok

  • Send email for Reviews

  • Post Testimonial Graphic to Social

  • Add Testimonial to website

Of course modify these to match your marketing platforms, price of home, etc. This list should be a great start to your marketing and of course if you have any questions, let me know!

Download the Sample Excel Spreadsheet!

Example Listing Checklist
Download XLSX • 15KB

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