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Squeeze pages for Lead Gen inside kvCORE

Let's build squeeze pages for Lead Gen on your MAXTech Powered by kvCORE website!

Why use a squeeze page vs just grabbing a url from a page on your website? Simply put - Squeeze pages will have a hashtag for tracking! Why is that important? When a lead is labeled with a hashtag, you can easily send a mass email or text. You can also send your new listings to all leads with the neighborhood / city hashtag AND on a listing appointment, you can easily go into your dashboard to show the Seller how many people you have in your database right now that are looking for homes in their area! Trust me, right now with kvCORE being new - You want to start practices to organize your database from day 1! You will thank me in a year from now! ;-)

Here are my 5 Steps for creating squeeze pages

1. Get Organized, use a spreadsheet to get the pages you want to build ready to go!

2. Create Your squeeze pages

3. Create custom url for each squeeze page (optional) - they provide a short link that is perfect for social! Use the long link for Google PPC Ads.

4. Create custom graphics for your squeeze page, (optional - it will display a photo thumbnail based on what you chose, I use custom graphics because I schedule these out for months and the listing in the thumbnail is typically pending and it will show an "image not available" so I use custom graphics)

5. Create and schedule to social! Use Meta for easy scheduling to Facebook and Instagram!!

Add these links, QR codes, etc for your snail mail marketing, your newsletters and so much more!

Watch this quick tutorial of me doing these 5 steps!


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