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7 Ways to Help you Build Your Own Brand

Whether you are just getting started in your real estate career or you have been in the business for a while, knowing how to attract your ideal client will make your business easier. The easiest way to do this is knowing your brand which is more than a logo or a look with your marketing, but by building a complete brand to attract your ideal client! Here are some tips on doing this!

Who do you LOVE working with? Think about your favorite transactions and what that represents to you. How can you attract that business?

1. Know who your clients/prospects are. Look back at your past sales to find out who you are currently attracting. How are people finding you? What messages are you putting out there for the world to see?

2. What are their pain points/ambitions/fears/desires? You should be marketing to attract these attributes.

3. How can I help them get what they want? What do you do in your business to help?

4. Who are you? What makes you unique, what are your interests, or hobbies. What are your qualities? (People want to work with people they like and are just like them)

5. What specialty skills or insights do I bring to the table? Your knowledge, background, past experience will allow you to stand out.

6. What market do you serve? (How well do I know it/how well could I know it?) Experience... make sure you have this in your presentations when attracting your ideal client. It's a niche!

7. How will you bring all of this to market? Whether you have a page dedicated to this on your website, share it on social, include it in your newsletters, emails, etc. How about a video series? Take the top 5 questions and turn it into a vlog, then you can create a landing page, collecting information from those interested in your specialty leading them to a Top 5 Questions on XXX.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking on your complete brand to help you attract the clients you love to work with! Have tips? We would love to hear them!


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