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Create Landing Pages to promote your listings in CHIME CRM!

"Landing Pages" are a single page created specifically for the purpose of marketing and advertising to bring leads in and get them to register. With the Chime CMS, the ability to create high quality landing pages is quick and easy to access.

It's important to note that the Landing Page functionality is not found directly in the CMS Tool. Instead, it is located on the "Campaigns" section of Chime.

Automatic Landing Pages

Automatic Landing Pages is a feature that creates landing pages every time you have a new listing that goes onto the MLS. This does require your Agent ID to be added to your integrated MLS. It is also required to have an active Chime website as well, this can be a team website, an agent website, or an agent subdomain. When a new listing is created, it will be generated as the "Single Property Promotion" template.

You will also receive an email alerting you to the creation, and also with the link to the new landing page.

These are perfect for sharing or running Ads on Social!


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