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Text codes for lead capture in CHIME

Do you want to capture leads while at the same time providing prospective clients the information they are seeking immediately? Set up Chime Text Codes to instantly send automatic responses to leads who text a customized code to your virtual number.

Set up your Text Code

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns section

  2. Click Text Codes

  3. Click on Add New

  4. Input the following:

  • (a) A text code of your choice (not case-sensitive, no spaces are allowed)

  • (b) Associate the code with a listing on the MLS (not required). This will automatically include a link to the listing in the message if you use it.

  • (c) A customized reply message to be sent

5. Share the text code on signs, flyers, etc.

*Please note that a Chime Text Package is needed in order to use this feature.


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