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Editing and setting up your Lead Capture in CHIME

Now that your CHIME website is live, make sure to go into your settings and go through your Lead Capture settings. To get to this screen, go into edit your website, click on Settings and go down to Lead Capture. In this section you will be able to do quite a few things, #1 will be deciding how you want to capture your Leads. Do you want consumers to be able to fully use your site without forced registration? Do you want registration pop up boxes after a certain timeframe or number of properties viewed? You have full control over this and we encourage you to play with these settings!

We don't feel there is a "right" or "wrong" way to set this up. It really depends on your use of your website! For example, if you are running generic PPC or constantly posting content to your social and looking to generate leads from your site, you may want to set it up so after X properties viewed is a forced registration. If this is a website that you want consumers to freely search and reach out to you when they are ready, you may have the registration form pop up but allow consumers to not be "required" to register. This would be quality over quantity.

Don't forget that you have the option to create custom landing pages for your PPC which will allow you to set this up for that specific page as well.


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