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Generate Seller Leads with CORE Present!

You have this amazing tool in your toolbox (COREpresent) but you are not sure how to get started?

Check out these ideas!

PRO TIP: Organize your current database by using the filter option inside your Smart CRM, filter down your past clients with NO property address to help you fill in the banks. (Add this as a PINNED search until you have all addresses added). Once you have all of those addresses done, Create another search for all past clients WITH Property Addresses and use the ideas below to start sending CMA's via your COREpresent tool! (We use the hashtag #CMAaDAY so we can then do a saved search for everyone we have sent these to for easy follow up)!

Reconnect with Past Clients:

5 Email Ideas for Realtors to Encourage Home Selling

As a realtor, maintaining relationships with past clients is crucial for the continued success of your business. With housing market trends constantly evolving, it's essential to keep your clients informed and engaged, especially if they might be considering selling their current home. To help you reach out to your past clients, we have compiled a list of five email ideas that will remind them of your expertise, provide value, and encourage them to take action.

Market Update and Home Value Analysis

Subject Line: "Is now the perfect time to sell your home? Find out how much it's worth today!"

Kick off your email campaign by sharing a comprehensive market update, focusing on trends that may affect the value of your clients' homes. Provide a personalized home value analysis, including recent comparable sales in their neighborhood. This will not only give your clients a better understanding of their home's current worth but also encourage them to consider listing their property if the time is right.

Send COREpresent CMA and set up follow up emails

Success Stories and Testimonials

Subject Line: "Discover how I helped [client name] sell their home for top dollar!"

Showcase your expertise by sharing success stories and testimonials from clients you have recently helped sell their homes. Include specific details, such as how you marketed the property, negotiated the sale, and ultimately achieved the best possible outcome for your clients. This will remind past clients of the positive experience they had with you and reinforce your position as a trusted real estate expert.

Home Improvement Tips for Maximum ROI

Subject Line: "Boost your home's value with these simple improvements before selling!"

Provide valuable content by sharing a list of home improvement projects that can increase the resale value of your clients' homes. Offer expert advice on which upgrades can yield the highest return on investment (ROI) and provide estimated costs and timelines for each project. Demonstrating your knowledge in this area will instill confidence in your clients and position you as a valuable resource when they are ready to sell.

Local Events and Neighborhood News

Subject Line: "Stay in the loop with the latest neighborhood news and events!"

Keep your clients engaged by sending them regular updates about their community. Include information about upcoming local events, new business openings, and other relevant news. This will help your clients stay connected to their neighborhood and remind them that you are a valuable source of information. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to showcase your deep knowledge of the local market.

The Importance of Staging and Professional Photography

Subject Line: "Get top dollar for your home with expert staging and photography tips!"

Educate your clients on the benefits of professional staging and photography when it comes to selling their homes. Share before-and-after photos to showcase the impact of staging and high-quality images on potential buyers. Offer your preferred vendors' contact information or even a special discount for staging and photography services. This email will demonstrate your commitment to helping clients achieve the best possible results when selling their homes.

Reconnecting with past clients is an essential aspect of your real estate business. By providing valuable content, sharing success stories, and offering expert advice, you can encourage your clients to consider selling their current homes and ultimately generate more business for yourself. These five email ideas will help you nurture your relationships with past clients and keep you top-of-mind when they're ready to make their next move.

Here are a couple videos to get you started with CORE Present!


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