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Hustle Your Social with RE/MAX Tools

RE/MAX has a ton of tools to use to help you work smarter, not harder when it comes to social media for your business. This leaves you the time for creating relationships to bring you business!


Megaphone - Set up your profile, connect your social accounts and allow your listings to be auto posted, run ads automatically and create custom promotional pieces for your listings!


BombBomb Social Prompt! Set up your FREE account and have social posts automatically posted weekly to your Facebook Business Page!


It may not be auto but it sure does make content creation on the go super easy with a ton of ready made templates as well as a ton of other features you can use for business or personal! They have a learning academy to help you along the way! 90-day FREE trial and $4/mo billed annually after that! Well worth the money for sure!


RE/MAX Hustle Video Tools & More!

Create your RE/MAX Commercials & Hustle Videos branded to YOU!

We recommend creating your videos (Easy as 1, 2, 3) then downloading ALL videos and scheduling them to your social! Easily have 3 months of video content if you schedule one weekly, then repeat for a year of video content!


Booj Campaigns

Simplify your life with booj premade newsletters, holiday emails and drip campaigns! In under 2 minutes you can send a premade email to your database!


Watch more tips & tricks to simplify your life using your RE/MAX Tools!

(A quick video of the presentation done at R4 2021)


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