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QR code marketing

Are you using QR codes in your marketing? We sure hope so! QR codes were hot a few years ago and then fizzled after a couple varieties came out, we had to download an app to read them and eventually they weren’t so hot anymore but a couple years ago they slowly started coming back now that our camera became the QR reader and then Covid hit and restaurants started using this as a way to get the hands free menu option. The restaurants are even teaching consumers how to use the QR code making it easier than ever to use QR codes in your marketing!

Here is a list of QR codes you can be using in your marketing!

  • Create a sign rider with a QR code to your mobile app or to a linktree account which will have multiple links to the properties you have available. Making it super easy for someone to view full property information, 3D Tours and more!

  • Create a VR card and have a QR code on your Business Card making it easy for your contact information to be added to someone’s phone.

  • For your postcards, mailings & print advertising, create a QR code for an Instant Home Valuation on your website.

Watch our Live Training video as Ana Duarte and I go through different marketing and Ana shows how she uses a QR code that goes to a Google Form and she creates a map of agents she has met for easy referral database!


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