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Spooktacular Marketing Ideas for Halloween

Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to get creative with your marketing strategies.

Around this fun, family oriented holiday, you have the chance to do things a little different.

Here are some fun ideas for Halloween-themed marketing .

1. Do a Halloween themed marketing video for your listings.

Throw some faux cobwebs on the front porch, station a few skeletons in the closet, and dress up like a witch or mummy. You can even put on spooky music or host the event at night (fog machine required!) After you have it decorated, shoot a fun quick video of the property for Reels / TikTok and add some Halloween Themed Music! Those are getting a ton of reach and are a lot of fun!

2. Host a Client Appreciation party at the movie theatre.

This is a perfect family event for your past clients & prospects! Reach out to the movie theatre and rent a room for a private showing of a fun Halloween type movie (Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, etc). We have a local theatre that has a private event area where you can have your favorite vendors pay to have a table to hand out candy (this helps offset the cost of the venue for you as well)!

3. Run a Halloween contest.

Use your social accounts to run a Halloween-themed contest. It could be a pumpkin carving or costume contest. We had fun with the RE?MAX Pumpkin Carving contest, here is the template!

Whatever you do, just make sure the prize is good. You could even partner with a local restaurant or business to get some valuable gift cards.

4. Include your card in your trick-or-treat bags.

If you have a physical office in a walkable area, be sure to deck out your office and hand out trick-or-treat bags. Include candy, of course, but also add in marketing swag — like your business card, a useful magnet (maybe the local school district calendar), and a pen or pencil with your branding on it. Then, when the kiddos’ parents go through each bag, they’ll see your name! We had great success decorated our offices outside area, getting dressed up and handing out bags of candy during high traffic times. We ordered branded mini bags and agents put custom labels on the mini candy bars (perfect size) for all the bags!

5. Host a trunk or treat.

Trunk-or-treat events have become incredibly popular in recent years, so if you have access to a large lot (or know another business that does), try hosting one yourself. Get all your agents, friends, and local business owners involved, and ask each person to have a unique theme for their trunk. I belong to several Jeep groups and they are always looking for fun community events! ;-) And we love decorating our Jeeps!

Bonus - For your office

We have a fun door decorating contest each year. We give out prices for most creative, most festive, etc. Since we have multiple locations we also award one office with the best theme which is a fun Halloween decoration that the winning office proudly displays each year! ;-) This brings your staff & agents together because they want to keep that "trophy" and not give it to another office!


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