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Time Management Tips that Work

If you are like most agents, time management, especially in a crazy market and hectic fast- paced world, managing time effectively can be very challenging. Working with Buyers & Sellers on their timeframe can always lead to other business tasks falling through the cracks but to be consistent with your business, time management right now is actually more crucial than you think!

If you really want to achieve your business goals, you must stop wasting time and implement a structure to help you be more productive and focused.

  1. Get Organized! Use your CRM for ensuring you are staying in touch with current and past clients as well as your sphere and prospects! There are a ton of CRM's out there, find one that matches your business needs. Just like websites, there is no one size fits all. For example, if you generate online leads from a variety of places, you will most likely love Follow Up Boss because it integrates well with most platforms. If you focus mostly on your sphere and past clients, Buffini Rain Maker will most likely be perfect! When choosing a CRM, make sure to do several demo's which will help you see what is available in each platform. Some may have features you love that you didn't even think about which will help when asking questions.

  2. Stay On Top of Tasks! Heather uses Asana for her tasks, she absolutely loves how her tasks that she does monthly are able to be in her system and set to repeat. If she didn't have this, many things she does would most likely fall through the cracks. The Free version has worked out perfectly and the set up was a breeze! Add a task & notes, links, etc and set to repeat - Viola! It acts as a checklist so when she is done with a task, she can check it off her list! Simple tasks such as setting a task for sending your 5 notecards a week, scheduling social posts, website updates, etc can be set up so you don't forget!

  3. Schedule Time for You! In this crazy time, scheduling time for your friends and family is very important so you can recharge yourself! Make sure to set up a night away or a mini staycation getaway for the weekend. Find someone that can assist you so you can really be present in the moment. Think - Work Hard, Play Hard. This time is crucial for your life balance.

  4. What are you doing now? Evaluate how you currently spend time. A recommendation would be to take this week and actually write down what you are doing throughout the day. Use your notes in your phone to make the logs. At the end of the week, go through this and find ways to work smarter. Where can you make adjustments and improvements to help you plan a more efficient schedule?

  5. Implement a Strategy! Find ways to time batch your tasks. Are you at the point where a transaction coordinator or Assistant makes sense to free up some of the daunting tasks so you can spend time focusing on income producing activities? They always say to hire one before you need it!

This week write down what you are doing throughout the day. At the end of the week, go through and find ways to work smarter, make adjustments and make improvements to help you plan a more efficient schedule.


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