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What should I be posting to Social?

So often I get asked the question “What should I be posting to social”, or what is a good third party company to auto post to my social for me, I don’t have time.

In my honest opinion, you will get out of social what you put into it. Building an audience and engagement on a facebook business page is really hard if you are just starting out. Facebook now wants you to pay to play. I look at social as one of the pillars to your business (you should have 7-10 pillars you are consistently working on). The more authentic you are about yourself as well as giving value for your community, the more engagement you will receive. I feel the objective for any social is actually being “SOCIAL”.

“Social media won’t replace a handshake, BUT social DONE WELL will change the first meeting from a handshake to a hug.”

Here are some ideas / resources on what to post.

Check out Katie Lances videos & download her content calendar. If you don’t know who Katie is, get to know her. She provides a TON of great ideas and a load of videos to help the real estate professional! Sign up for her Social Smart Academy, I promise you will not regret it!


I love for their content calendar! I have a video plan myself but they offer many videos for different holidays you can download and use!


Look into – they have a TON of resources for your social media! From graphics, videos, templates and their own template machine for you to customize anything! It is relatively inexpensive for everything you get (if you use it)!


If you are looking for a marketing platform for designing graphics, we LOVE Canva! Canva has a free version BUT their Pro plan is well worth the $19/mo with all the templates as well as FREE Stock Graphics you can use for your marketing!

Make sure to join this group on facebook – Canva for Real Estate Agents

This is a very active group with a ton of tutorials but even better, agents share their design templates making it easier than ever to find new marketing ideas! Make sure to go thru the learning units in the group as well!

Overall, there is no one size fits all when it comes to social! I believe if you are Passionate, Positive and Authentic you will gain the Know, Like & Trust to grow you business! Make connections and create and maintain relationships and watch the magic happen!!


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