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5 Tips to drive traffic to your website!

You have a website... now what?

So many agents have a website and then tell me they don’t ever get any leads from it so they don’t feel it is worth having, let alone updating or marketing it. But the truth is, as with all marketing, you will get out of your website what you put into it. If you think that just because you have a website you will pop up on that first page on a search, think again! You are competing against every top real estate search sites (Zillow,, etc) so you need to provide content that they don’t have! I like to think of my website as a HUB for my business and as an agent, it should also contain information for your local area! You aren’t just selling a home, you are selling a way of life!

You live, work & play in your area – show it off!

Here are 5 tips to help drive traffic to your website!

  • Marketing your website – Make sure your website is displayed on every marketing item you have (real estate sign, business cards, flyers, etc). ALWAYS use your own domain that goes with your branding as well as your marketing.

  • Run a simple PPC campaign – This always helps with a newer website. (Make sure to add Google Analytics & Facebook Pixels code on your website)

  • Driving traffic via Social – Every listing or sale you have, do a social post! Make sure you have a link to that property on your website (Ex: Get the full details here – link to property page) TIP – Use url shortner like or remax url shortner and brand with MLS# or address for visual appearance, branding and tracking abilities!

  • Blog – Do simple blogs with the questions you get all the time… you don’t have to overthink it… blog, then post to social. Local info like events are also great ways to drive traffic. My best blog year after year is my County School Calendar… I literally copy and paste the calendar, create a fun graphic for the blog and it is by far the most visited blog post from search results every single year!

  • Content – Other great content ideas are monthly Market Snapshots (we get this info from our MLS board), Events like 4th of July Events around your area, Favorite Valentine’s Day places… Great Summer Day Getaways… the local information not only provides value for your area & clients but it also is great for SEO! A lot of this info you can get from TripAdvisor as well…

Providing content to your site will help bring Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but it also provides content for your social media channels!

Here are some example posts to get you thinking!


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