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4 Strategies to add to your business!

This year (like the last 2) has been very interesting! As we head back into a "normal" market, here are some strategies to add to your business to maintain that goal and finish out the year strong!

E-mail marketing - Are you sending consistent emails to your database? Make sure these emails are providing value, local content is always great! We would recommend at least once a month but some agents say weekly give them the best results if done correctly!

Social Media - Be an educator on social media. We feel you will get out of social what you actually put into it so if you have a third party posting "fluff" content and aren't getting tracking or engagement - Don't expect leads. If you are posting engaging, informative posts, stories, reels, etc - You will see a huge difference in the way social media can really work for your business.

Snail Mail - Are you sending out postcards or using EDDM to mail out to your farming area? Be consistent and get the word out about what the real estate market is really doing! We love using QR Codes for making it super easy to go to landing pages... whether it be Home Value landing page . Seller-Buyer Guide or a Market Report for the area you are sending the mailer!

Mind & Health - We have been running in circles for a long time, now is a great time to focus on yourself with your mind & body! Do some meditation! Get back into a workout routine, read that book, take a walk and listen to your favorite podcast! Don't forget to eat healthier too, this makes a huge difference in how you will feel daily.

Watch Kerry & Heather on the Monday Morning Wake Up Call discussing this topic!


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