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Are your kvCORE emails going to Spam? Check out this tip!

Whether you have your Smart Campaigns turned on or sending Monthly Newsletters, holiday emails, etc, are your emails going to Spam? We have a tip to help you!!

1. Go into your profile using the top right dropdown to get into your profile settings.

2. Click Edit profile and go down to the "Send As" in your profile to add your true email (NOT a forwarded email) and the Name Sending as.

3. If you use Google Workspace or other domains, make sure to do a google search on how to prevent spoofing and spam by adding a SPF file inside your domain. (This is an advanced feature - read more about this here). You can do a search for adding SPF + domain registar to find the steps on adding this if you are using a true domain email (NOT a forwarded one).

Watch me change my profile!

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