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Export Your Contacts from your booj CRM!

As booj will be sunsetting into next year, we wanted to show you how EASY it will be to export your contacts out of booj CRM and into any other CRM or kvCORE once that rolls out!

  1. Log into MAX/Center

  2. Click on Contacts

  3. Directly to the left of the "First Name" Column, click this box, Once you do this it will select everyone one this page BUT, we want your ENTIRE database so above you will see the option to "Select All", be sure to click this. This choose EXPORT!

  4. You will get the option for what you want to download, you will want to choose Information - and keep all boxes checked.

  5. Once this happens you will get a pop up to let you know that you will receive a notification once this is completed.

  6. Once completed, you will receive and email as well as a notification (the bell in the top right corner of your booj dashboard). Click this notification and it will download your Export.

Feel free to clean up the columns, this will make for a clean transition into a new program. We recommend downloading the template from where you will be importing so you can easily match the Column Headers which will make your import a breeze!

TIP: From booj to KCM - Your "Tags" Column can be matched to the kvCORE "Hashtags" which will keep everyone organized for you! We recommend going through the CRM to organize and label your contacts before uploading into kvCORE. (Or better yet - Use the FIRST IO app to help you organize)!


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