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Holiday Emails - Clone, Edit & Schedule inside kvCORE in 4 steps!

Did you know you have premade Holiday email templates inside kvCORE? Here are the steps to find them, clone, edit and get those scheduled to send to your database!

We will also cover setting up a Newsletter Template and how easy the kvCORE system makes it to keep in contact with your database!

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Step 1 - Click on the Marketing Tab to open all options! Choose Smart Campaigns.

Step 2 - Go to the Templates Tab and do a search for Holiday

Step 3 - Find the Holiday you want to use, clone and that will take you to the editor!

Step 4 - Now that you have the email edited, let's go use it! Go back to Marketing, now click on Send Mass Email! Search for "Template", Add who you want to send it to and set the date! You can customize further in this area as well!!

BROKER & TEAM TIP - Set these up on the Higher level and your agents will see the templates and easily use!!!

Watch a short video of me going thru the above steps!

Happy Emailing!!!


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