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Set up your E-mail templates in kvCORE

Looking to send out monthly Holiday e-mails or set up a Monthly Newsletter Template using your kvCORE CRM?

To work smarter, not harder - The best way to do this (in any platform) is to first set up a template. This will serve as a guide to the content that you can easily replace with fresh content. It may take you an hour to set up all the Holiday emails or your Newsletter template with a custom header, adding social icons, buttons (Call-to-Actions), etc but trust us - This will make it so you can easily edit & schedule this template in 10-15 minutes after you set it up!

Step 1 - Log into your kvCORE!

Marketing Tab > Smart Campaigns > Templates > Add e-mail template

Step 2 - Add Template Name (make it consistent for easy search when you are ready to schedule & send). Add catchy subject and click Advanced Editor

Step 3. Create the email using the drag & drop boxes, then add template!! DONE!

Check out the quick video of how we set up our Monthly Newsletter Template and how easy it is to refresh the content and schedule in under 5 minutes!


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