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My R4 Tips & Advice

R4 is probably my favorite week of the year, every single year! I get one week to learn and play with my RE/MAX Peeps from around the world and take those online relationships -offline and truly get to know my fellow associates. Here are my top tips that I tell any of our new agents going for the first time, I hope they help you! If you see me in the halls make sure to stop and say hi!!

Bring lots of business cards - write notes on the back of cards you get so you remember that conversation. When you get home - Send a video email - or email, as well as a personal note card to those agents referencing your conversation. I actually hang my cards on a board in my office and they are first for my referrals for their area. I know a lot of agents actually make a referral spreadsheet from the business cards they collect from the events they go to.

Network - Network - Network - Go off by yourself and step out of your comfort zone to meet and have meaningful conversations with as many agents as you can! My first 5 years, I went to R4 solo and I was forced to sit with people I didn't know and network which was way out of my comfort zone but I can say I made incredible relationships because of this and when my agents started joining me, I let them know we would do dinner or something one night but other than that they would see me around because I see them all the time and this was my week to network with others.

If it is your first R4 - Go to the New to R4 session and make sure to check out the Global exchange - it is pretty neat meeting agents from around the world - NOTE, be cautious of the drinks that are offered - they will get you drunk! hahahaha Speaking of drinks - keep it moderate, no one wants to be the agent that pukes or passes out at the end of the night. LOL

Bring comfortable shoes, lip balm & lotion! I wear tennis shoes or flip flops. 20k steps a day is NO joke! Bring lip balm & lotion and I always buy the hydrating water (lots of them) - Vegas is super dry and these are your friends (but my hair LOVES Vegas) LOL I use a small cute backpack so I can bring a light sweater & power banks throughout the day, put your phone on power save mode to conserve your battery. Drink LOTS of water, water is your friend. The dry weather makes it super easy to get dehydrated!

If your bringing swag - make it memorable, try to tie it into your location, make it lasting and make it small - it really stinks carrying crap around all week, walking 20k steps DAILY!

Do not miss the morning speakers - They are always incredible, even if you don't know who they are.


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