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Schedule your RE/MAX Commercial Reels using Meta!

Reels are getting a ton of exposure, did you know that you can make custom RE/MAX Commercials in Reels / Story format? Yes, you can! You can download all of them and then using Meta, can pre-schedule them allowing you to use your time wisely!

Here are the 5 easy steps:

  1. Head over to - Click on Create your Commercials and add in your information & headshot! Choose "Select ALL" then "Create Videos"

  2. You will see the videos being made - Takes about a minute but then you will see ALL of the videos & different formats. I personally go to each video and Right click on video and "Save Video as" so I can easily save it into a Folder on my computer for easy organizing. I have a Commercials folder specifically for Story-Reels format which makes them easier to find later.

  3. Login to Meta Business Suite (where you can schedule content for your Facebook Page and Instagram)

  4. Click the Create "Reel" on the Top. This will walk you thru uploading the video and some fun editing such as choosing the thumbnail frame, adding Audio and even inviting a Collaborator (this options gives you more exposure)! If your office has an active Social account, add your office so your reel also goes to their account when they accept it!

  5. Once you have your video & description done you are ready to go ahead and Post it - Or schedule it into the future!

We love prescheduling content like this! It allows us to free up our daily activities and not have to worry about "what can I post today". Go ahead and get yourself organized with a Content Calendar!

Watch the Video and check out the screenshots below!



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