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Agent Action Steps for MAXTech Powered by kvCORE!

Are you about to launch MAXTech Powered by kvCORE? Not sure where to start? We made a quick action step checklist for you to learn your dashboard, get your contacts imported and begin having fun with lead gen thru text codes & squeeze pages!

Download the interactive PDF for classes and schedule!

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MAXTech - Agent Action Steps
Download PDF • 198KB

If you have a custom domain:

All subdomains will point to the MAX/tech websites once the company becomes active which is when the DNS call is completed. However, if an agent has a vanity domain set up in booj, that vanity will continue to show the booj website until they log into kvCORE and choose to have their vanity domain moved over to MAX/Tech. This will give them time to access the system but it is important to note that booj will eventually fully sunset so any vanity domains that are not transferred will eventually die out once booj sunsets later this year.

Did we enhance your booj site (Platinum Sites) - If we did your Platinum websites and added pages for cities / areas. You will want to copy & paste this content to a work document or Google Drive. You should have already done this but if not, do it today! Especially if you are using the remax default domain. Once your broker goes live, your booj site will no longer be active online (although you will have access via MAXCenter to grab content). Since kvCORE does not have the ability to add pages for areas like booj did, our work around is to create Blogs for each of these areas. We will be working with our past clients, click here for an idea of the plans we will be offering beginning Qtr 2 2023 - CLICK HERE

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