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Presenting Your Value

Are you comfortable getting in front of people and presenting? Do you know your strengths & weaknesses?

As a new agent, you shouldn’t be too picky about who you work with. You can learn from every transaction, every showing, every renter, every buyer, every seller, every investor. Even if it leads nowhere, it’s a learning experience. So take every opportunity possible to meet with people, present your offerings, and build value. If you haven’t yet established your own statistics to show to a potential buyer or seller, use those of your company.

Practice your presentation over and over again with friends, peers, manager, etc. Maybe even video yourself and watch it back to see how you can make improvements. The more comfortable you get presenting to clients to win their business, the quicker you will become comfortable doing presentations & scripts to make them your own which will also allow you to really "listen" to the person you are meeting with.

Experienced Agents. Once you establish yourself and your market area, these outside areas or price ranges can easily be referred out to newer agents which will allow you to focus on your "niche" while bringing your additional money in referral fees!

Presenting Your Value - Whether is is stats of what you have done in your real estate career, transactions closed, knowing the particular marking (farm area), maybe it is designation and learning about the particular situation that the buyer or seller is in. Do you have a "niche"? What do YOU do that is different than everyone else? Make sure these are in your presentations and talking points.


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