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RE/MAX Brokers - Do you have a plan for agent onboarding for MAXTech powered by kvCORE?

Moving to a new system or platform can be a daunting task. Especially if you do not have an action plan to assist your agents to ensure a smooth transfer as well as get adoption by your agents. As RE/MAX moves from the booj platform over to the MAXTech powered by kvCORE Platform, we put together some ideas on classes as well as a way to have a fun competition for your agents!


TIP: If you are unsure where you are in the MAX/Tech onboarding, check out the main MAX/Tech info page and click on the unsure. They have a full excel spreadsheet of all Brokerages that will give you your Phase & Dates! TIP: To easily find yourself, use the search feature and type the Owners name. Click Here


Download PDF with hot links to the classes for each session!

MAX Tech Broker Onboarding Checklist
Download PDF • 318KB

Here is an idea of classes you can do with your agents to assist with onboarding and for them to start using their new tools!

Month 1 - Weekly Classes for the basic onboarding and understanding of their dashboard. Uploading Contacts, understanding Smart Numbers, Smart Campaigns and more.

Month 2 - Bi-Monthly Classes creating Text Codes & Squeeze pages to being having fun with Lead Generation.

Have fun and have a competition for your agents action steps!

Have fun with your onboarding! kvCORE / Inside Real Estate have a ton of tutorials and live or recording trainings to help answer any questions throughout this process!


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