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13 Lead Generation Sources

In all of our coaching and business planning sessions, one of the first things we will ask is what are your 10 lead generation sources? We have seen over and over how top agents always have around 7-10 pillars to their business and we want to ensure our agents are setting them up for success. Here are a few ideas for lead generation, these are not a one and done, these are things you should be doing consistently in your business so you are on the constant rise versus having peaks and valleys in your business.

As Tom Ferry Says, the more fishing lines you have in the water, the greater chances of catching a fish.

We love that quote because it goes with our office philosophy of "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. TEACH him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime"!


  • Geographic farming/Direct mail

  • Digital advertising

  • Open Houses/Virtual Open Houses

  • Expireds

  • FSBOs

  • Investors

  • Builders

  • Prospecting around recent sales

  • Outdoor advertising (billboards, bus benches, etc. in your market)

  • TV and/or Radio

  • Community Events

  • Agent-to-agent referrals

  • Zillow/Realtor/Trulia/Optcity/Homelight/Homesnap/, etc.

There are many more but these are some great ideas to get you going!!!


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