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13 Lucky Real Estate Social Media Ideas for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is often considered an "unlucky" day, but it can also be a fun and creative theme to incorporate into your real estate social media marketing. Here are 13 ideas to make the most of it:

1. "Lucky Homes"

Idea: Showcase homes that have been particularly "lucky" for their owners, like properties that have increased substantially in value.

Caption: "Who says Friday the 13th has to be unlucky? These homes turned out to be lucky charms for their owners!"

2. "Haunted House Listings"

Idea: Create a faux listing for a haunted house.

Caption: "New Listing Alert! This haunted mansion is perfect for those who love a home with 'character' and 'mystery.' Inquire at your own risk! 👻"

3. "13 Home-Buying Tips"

Idea: Share 13 essential tips for prospective homebuyers.

Caption: "Friday the 13th? More like 'Friday the Thir-teen Tips for Homebuyers.' Swipe left to find your lucky guide to buying a home!"

4. "Superstitions in Homebuying"

Idea: Discuss common superstitions people have when moving to a new home. Caption: "Ever heard of 'saging' a house? Let's explore some homebuying and moving superstitions for Friday the 13th!"

5. "Black Cat Contest"

Idea: Hold a contest where followers send in photos of their black cats.

Caption: "It's Friday the 13th! Send us a picture of your black cat and enter a chance to win a gift card to a local home improvement store!"

6. "Friday the 13th Myths Debunked"

Idea: Debunk popular myths around buying or selling homes on Friday the 13th. Caption: "Think buying a home on Friday the 13th is bad luck? Let's debunk some myths!"

7. "Testimonial from 'Lucky' Clients"

Idea: Share testimonials from clients who closed deals on a Friday the 13th and are happy about it.

Caption: "Meet our clients who closed on a Friday the 13th and consider themselves extra lucky! 🍀"

8. "13 Facts About Your Neighborhood"

Idea: Share 13 interesting facts about the neighborhood or area you primarily deal in.

Caption: "It's Friday the 13th, but there's nothing scary about knowing your neighborhood better! Here are 13 facts you probably didn't know."

9. "Spook-Free Investment Tips"

Idea: Share investment tips that can help to take the "spook" out of investing in real estate.

Caption: "Investing in real estate doesn't have to be scary! This Friday the 13th, we're sharing tips to help you invest with confidence."

10. "Homes with Unlucky Addresses"

Idea: Showcase homes with 'unlucky' numbers in the address but have wonderful features.

Caption: "Don't judge a home by its address! These 'unlucky' numbers have led to some fantastic homes. Swipe to see for yourself!"

11. "13 Open House Hacks"

Idea: Share a video or infographic with 13 quick hacks to make an Open House experience more successful.

Caption: "Unlock luck this Friday the 13th with our 13 proven Open House hacks. Swipe left to make your next Open House a hit!"

12. "Virtual Haunted House Tour"

Idea: Give a "haunted house tour" of a property using augmented reality or digital filters to add spooky effects.

Caption: "Dare to join our Virtual Haunted House Tour this Friday the 13th? 🎃👻 Enter if you dare and find out what makes this property spook-tacular!"

13. "Flash Sale or Special Discount"

Idea: Offer a one-day-only discount or special offer on your real estate services, home inspection, or a consultation.

Caption: "Turn your luck around this Friday the 13th with our exclusive flash sale! Today only—don’t miss out!"

Remember, the goal is to engage your audience in a fun and light-hearted manner while still offering valuable information or insights. Make sure to include relevant hashtags like #FridayThe13th #RealEstate and tag other relevant businesses or influencers where appropriate.


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