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Create a Video Header for your CHIME site using Canva!

We love the video header option that our CHIME CRM website offers! Did you know you can easily create a dynamic video using Canva? With the Pro account you have access to hundreds of amazing videos whether generic or even your area!! Use this feature to create a video header for your website today!

In Canva - We use the YouTube Video Thumbnail Template - This way it is sized correctly for YouTube and your website!

Go to Elements inside Canva and scroll down to Videos. Do a search for the type of video you would like to use! Maybe general videos like real estate, family moving, your area, etc. The sky is the limit!

For each video you will want to add a new slide, then clip the video... we recommend keeping each slide to 4-5 seconds with a total of 30 seconds for the video to ensure you stay within the size limit of 50mb for the complete video! As you edit / clip - you can scroll thru the video to find the exact part you want for your video.

We remove the audio for the videos as well while in Canva.

Go into your website inside Chime CRM - On home page, click the edit icon the current header. For background Type - Choose Video and upload your video.

Make sure to add a Preview image (we typically screenshot the first part of the video for this).

Click Here for our Canva Template! This has 5 generic clips of families that you can edit or use as is or Save / Download the video below!

1 Comment

You made a great video!

I would like to know how you uploaded it to this site, did you use any video compression software?

Last time, I used one of these compression programs to upload my video to a forum on a local city website.

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